Deja Vu

Deja Vu Dream Bar – Mochalato – 4.4g

Chocolate Bar
4 grams


In stock

Deja Vu Dream Bar – Mochalato (4.4g): Savor the decadent fusion of coffee and chocolate with a creamy twist in the Deja Vu Dream Bar – Mochalato. This innovative chocolate bar is perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life, blending gourmet flavors with the transformative journey of psilocybin.


  • Distinctive Mochalato Flavor: A delicious blend of deep coffee and chocolate notes, complemented by the velvety texture of gelato, offers a delectable escape from the ordinary.
  • Mindful Psilocybin Infusion: Expertly dosed for those seeking to expand their consciousness or explore the depths of their imagination, each piece invites you to a world beyond the senses.
  • Handcrafted Excellence: Lovingly poured using only the highest quality Belgian chocolate, this bar is a treat for the mind and the palate.
  • Sophisticated Design: The packaging of the Deja Vu Dream Bar captures the eye just as the flavors capture the taste, making it an elegant gift or a personal treat.


  • Culinary Delight: This bar is a celebration of flavor, artfully designed to tantalize the taste buds while gently ushering in a state of elevated awareness.
  • Journey to Wonder: As you partake in the Mochalato experience, let the gentle psilocybin infusion open the doors to introspection and bliss.

Recommended Use:

  • Discover Your Dose: Begin with one piece to understand the bar’s effect, ensuring a journey that is as comfortable as it is profound.
  • Ideal Setting: Choose a place of tranquility and comfort to enjoy the Deja Vu Dream Bar, allowing the experience to unfold in a supportive environment.

The Deja Vu Dream Bar – Mochalato is not just a chocolate; it’s a key to unlock a realm where every moment is rich with flavor and meaning. This bar promises a unique exploration, one where each bite is a step on a path to inner harmony and joy.

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