Golden Teacher Psilocybe Cubensis Spores 10ml


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Perhaps one of the most recognizable name in the mushroom world is “Golden Teacher,” an absolutely beautiful-looking and fairly potent mushroom that dates back to the 1980s. Its origins are mysterious, with some saying that the breed comes from Georgia, and others Cuba. Regardless, we’re pleased to offer our lab-tested Golden Teacher Spore Syringe to anyone looking to research this strain on their own, to learn more about its fascinating nature.

Golden Teacher is a beautiful caramel-colored mushroom strain that grows very easily under all kinds of conditions. Because of its impressive resiliency, it’s not uncommon to encounter it growing in the wild during a hike or camping trip. Its unique appearance includes gills that range from snow-white to rich purple. It has a medium height.

If you’re interested in mushroom research, our Golden Teacher Spore Syringe is the best way to take a closer look at these marvels. With 10mL of spores in each syringe, you can count on maximum quality and safety standards, as we work in a cleanroom laboratory and ensure that each syringe undergoes strict lab-testing before it’s shipped. A sterile needle is included.

Note: These mushroom spores must be kept refrigerated.

Golden Teacher FAQs

What are Golden Teacher Mushroom Spores?

All mushrooms start out as spores, and our Golden Teacher Mushroom Spores come in an easy-to-use, sterile syringe, offering the completely natural spores of this iconic strain. These spores contain zero psilocybin, as the compound only occurs in the mature mushrooms, and not in the spores themselves.

How Can I Know Golden Teacher Mushroom Spores are Legit?

We have our spores thoroughly tested by a third-party laboratory that’s authorized to test spores. This way, we can offer unbiased, verified information regarding their authenticity, quality, and safety.

Can I Consume the Spores Themselves?

Our mushroom spores are not sold for consumption, but rather, for research. Please do not try to consume these spores, and keep in mind that they do not offer any meaningful benefits when consumed.

Are Golden Teachers Mushroom Spores Actually Legal?

Mushroom spores are completely legal under federal law, to sell, possess, purchase, and research. These spores contain zero psilocybin, as psilocybin is only present in mature mushrooms. Therefore, we are not selling a product that is prohibited in any way.

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