Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom – White Chocolate – Strawberry Shortcake

Chocolate Bar


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Indulge in the enchanting flavors of “Magic Kingdom – White Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake”, a gourmet magic mushroom chocolate bar infused with the renowned Albino Penis Envy strain. This delightful treat masterfully combines the creamy sweetness of white chocolate with the classic, comforting taste of strawberry shortcake, all while incorporating the potent and mystical properties of one of the most sought-after psychedelic mushrooms.

Key Features:

  • Premium Infusion: Each bar is carefully infused with the Albino Penis Envy strain, known for its high psilocybin content and profound psychedelic effects, providing an experience that is as deep as it is delightful.
  • Exquisite Flavor: The luxurious white chocolate is expertly blended with the essence of strawberry shortcake, offering a taste that is both nostalgic and indulgent, perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life.
  • Artisan Quality: Crafted with the highest quality ingredients and utmost care, this chocolate bar is a work of culinary art, designed to offer a sublime eating experience.
  • Thoughtful Dosing: Designed to cater to both newcomers and experienced users, the bar is segmented for easy and accurate dosing, allowing for a customizable experience tailored to your preferences and comfort level.
  • Elegant Packaging: Presented in elegant packaging, this chocolate bar is perfect for personal enjoyment or as a unique gift for a discerning friend or loved one.

Recommended Use:

  • Begin with a small portion to gauge your sensitivity to the Albino Penis Envy strain.
  • Enjoy in a comfortable, safe setting, ideally with a trusted companion or guide.
  • Be mindful of the set (your mental state) and setting (your environment), as they significantly influence the psychedelic experience.


This product contains psilocybin and should be used responsibly. Always adhere to local laws and regulations regarding psilocybin use. It is not recommended for first-time users or those without prior experience with psychedelic substances.

Delight your senses and explore new dimensions of taste and perception with the Magic Kingdom – White Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake, a luxurious gateway to a unique and memorable psychedelic experience.

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