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MY DOSE Earl Grey & Lavender – Macro Dose Tea Sachet (1.2g): Infused with 1.2 grams of psilocybin, this tea sachet is not simply a beverage but a vessel for exploration. Experience the classic, bold flavor of black tea, enriched with the citrusy zing of bergamot and softened by the tranquil touch of lavender. The added Lion’s Mane mushroom complements the blend, known for its neuro-supportive properties, enhancing mental function while you relax into the experience.

Product Highlights:

  • Elegant Earl Grey Blend: Savored for its refined taste, Earl Grey provides a perfect canvas for the psilocybin experience, offering moderate caffeine for an uplift without overwhelming.
  • Lavender’s Embrace: The inclusion of lavender provides a gentle, aromatic calm, aiding relaxation and setting the stage for a serene tea session.
  • Lion’s Mane Synergy: This adaptogenic mushroom supports brain health, working in tandem with the tea’s psychoactive properties to promote a balanced state of mind.
  • Brewing Ritual: Preparing your tea becomes a ritual of preparation for the journey ahead, with each steep unfolding the tea’s full potential.


  • Soothing Yet Stimulating: Ideal for those seeking a middle ground between relaxation and cognitive enhancement, this tea is a guide for the soul and the mind.
  • Psychedelic Journey: With a macro dose of psilocybin, prepare for an emotional and spiritual deep dive, all within the comforting embrace of Earl Grey & Lavender.

Recommended Use:

  • Intentional Consumption: Approach each cup with intention. Be it meditation, creative work, or simply unwinding, let the tea’s effects align with your purpose.
  • Mindful Preparation: Steep the sachet in hot water to your preferred strength. Create a tranquil environment to fully engage with the transformative experience.
  • Personalized Dosing: Start with part of a sachet if you are new to macro dosing, allowing your body to acclimate to the tea’s potent effects.
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