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The Steel Magnolia strain of the Psilocybe family is a unique and powerful variety that is relatively rare in the current mushroom market. It was developed by two mycologists who isolated sporangiophores from a wild Mississippi variant sample in 2011, resulting in this distinct strain.

These mushrooms are notable for their large size and are believed to possess similar or even higher potency compared to the popular Penis Envy variants. With its warm coloration and characteristic appearance, the Steel Magnolia strain evokes a profound sense of spirituality, making it a preferred choice for experienced users rather than beginners due to its high strength.

While it can add enjoyment to social gatherings and be used thoughtfully for therapeutic purposes, it is not advisable to consume this strain in high doses during parties or group outings. The effects of the Steel Magnolia strain typically manifest within 10 to 30 minutes after ingestion, enhancing mood with euphoric and ecstatic sensations. The intensity of the visuals experienced may vary depending on the dosage, ranging from mild to relatively intense.

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