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The One Macrodosing Softgel Capsules

1G (5 Psilocybin Capsules)
5 Grams Per Bottle


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Introducing “The One Macrodosing Softgel Capsules,” a revolutionary product designed for those seeking a profound, immersive psychedelic experience. These capsules are meticulously formulated to offer a powerful, consistent, and convenient way to explore the depths of your consciousness.

Key Features:

  • Premium Blend: Each softgel capsule contains a precise, high dose of psilocybin, sourced from top-quality magic mushrooms. This ensures a potent and impactful experience, ideal for users seeking deep introspection and heightened sensory perception.
  • Consistent Dosage: The softgel encapsulation technology guarantees a uniform dose in every capsule, ensuring a predictable and reliable experience. This consistency is crucial for those exploring higher doses of psychedelics.
  • Discreet and Convenient: The sleek, discreet nature of the softgel capsules makes them easy to store and consume, providing a hassle-free way to embark on your psychedelic journey.
  • Smooth Onset: Designed to offer a gradual onset, these capsules allow for a smoother transition into the psychedelic state, reducing the likelihood of overwhelming sensations at the beginning of the experience.
  • Long-Lasting Effects: The carefully calibrated dosage ensures a long-lasting experience, providing ample time for deep exploration and personal insight.

Recommended For:

“The One Macrodosing Softgel Capsules” are ideal for experienced psychonauts looking for a significant, transformative psychedelic experience. They are perfect for those who appreciate the convenience and precision of a pre-measured dose and seek to explore the more profound aspects of their psyche.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Start with a single capsule to gauge your individual response.
  • Ensure you are in a safe, comfortable environment, preferably with a sober sitter or guide.
  • Be mindful of the set (mental state) and setting (physical environment) as they play a crucial role in shaping your experience.


These capsules are potent and should be approached with respect and caution. Always adhere to local laws and regulations regarding psilocybin use. It is not recommended for first-time users or those without prior experience with psychedelic substances.

Embrace a journey of self-discovery and profound insight with “The One Macrodosing Softgel Capsules,” your gateway to a deeper understanding of the mind and universe.

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